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Hypnosis for Releasing Childbirth Trauma (HRCT)

Do you have an emotional hangover from the birth of your child? Even though your baby is perfectly healthy?

Do you feel conflicted? Angry at your body? Secretly disappointed in your caregiver? Do you sometimes replay the birth in your mind, wondering how it could have gone differently?

I can help. I have taught HypnoBirthing to hundreds of couples, attended myriad births, and trained dozens of practitioners, worldwide. During my practice, I came to see there was a real need in some women to release the emotional residue from their previous birthing experiences, so I created this technique.

You see, fortunately for us, the subconscious mind can go back to previous experiences and heal them, retroactively, given the proper circumstances. HRCT technique creates those circumstances. And because the process happens on a subconscious level (FYI: you are totally aware during the session; hypnosis is NOT a passive, unconscious state), the results are deep, positive and permanent.

How it works:

1. You tell me the story of your birthing experience, from start to finish, over Skype or Facetime. This allows us to "meet", gives you time to ask me questions, and lets me get the lay of the land of your birth story. If you've never used hypnosis before, I spend a little time explaining it to you.

2. Over the phone, I take you into profound relaxation. When you are deeply relaxed, we move through your birthing experience--talking back and forth to one another--but this time, you will:

  • a) Have the time and space to allow all your stuck emotions to flow and release
  • b) Be able to express your deepest truths and desires
  • c) Gain fresh insights into your experience
  • d) Forgive yourself and others, if necessary
  • e) Drop all the tension your body has been carrying around since the birth
  • f) When all the tension is dropped, you can even "re-birth" your baby, in your heart and mind. Most women find this very healing and satisfying.

3. You come out of deep relaxation, feeling calm and peaceful about your child's birth.

Time needed:

Sessions are usually 2 or 2 1/2 hours long. If you've done hypnosis before, they're slightly shorter.

What you need:

A quiet space, free from toddlers, loud noises, or knocks on the door. A comfortable sofa or bed. A phone with a headset or earbuds.


Hypnosis for Releasing Childbirth Trauma costs $100 PER HOUR. So the average session is roughly $200, pro-rated by the quarter hour. You can pay over PayPal.

If you have any questions, or are interested in booking a session, please contact me at jessicathehipchick@gmail.com

It's never too late to heal.

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