HypnoBirthing - the Mongan Method

HypnoBirthing - Practitioner Training Course

What is HypnoBirthing® The Mongan Method?

Designed by Marie Mongan, the HypnoBirthing® The Mongan Method program is based upon the idea that a natural, comfortable birthing can be realized through deep relaxation and freedom from fear. Expectant couples take HypnoBirthing® classes with certified practitioners and learn how to achieve profound relaxation together. They also learn specific techniques for all aspects of birthing—from contractions to speaking to medical professionals in way that produces the best environment for birthing. HypnoBirthing® is becoming very popular among couples and the caregivers because the results are so great—fearless pregnancy, fearless birthing and really mellow babies. I teach classes to couples myself and I also train practitioners all over the world. You need only have a passion for helping people to train to become a practitioner.

HypnoBirthing® Practitioner Trainings

A dynamic, 4-day, 2 part Childbirth Educator Program consisting of a 16-hour, Introduction to Hypnosis for Childbirth and a 16-hour, Certification Workshop for HypnoBirthing®. You will receive your own copy of the text, 2 audio CDs, a DVD with 7 stories of HypnoBirthing®, a 70-page class syllabus, scripts and class outlines, 6 posters, and miscellaneous forms and handouts. As well, you will also be provided with ongoing support and an active online client referral system, by email, on the phone, and by postal mail!

In southern Ontario, please contact Jennifer Elliot for information on upcoming training sessions.

To locate a practitioner training class elsewhere, please refer to the HypnoBirthing® Web site.

About the Practitioner Training

Certification in HypnoBirthing® The Mongan Method
For Childbirth Educators, Doctors, Doulas, Healthcare Providers, Hypnotherapists, Midwives, Nurses, and Nurse Practitioners. Add a new dimension to your career. Enjoy the rewards of using and teaching visualization and imagery to assist expectant parents as they release fear and other hindering emotions and prepare for a calm, easier and more satisfying birth.

  • Nationally Approved CEUs for Nurses - 15.6 hours
  • Nationally Approved CEUs for CNM's - 2.6 CEUs
  • Nationally Approved CEUs for LPM's & CPM's - 24 hours
  • Approved for NGH Continuing Education credit - 15.6 hours
  • Certification will be given after successful completion of the final review.

What this program teaches:

  • An understanding of the workings of the body's own natural "epidural"
  • Relaxation techniques that eliminate the Fear-Tension Syndrome
  • An understanding of why women in other cultures have easier, more comfortable birthings
  • How the mother's body is designed to work in neuromuscular harmony with nature
  • Proven hypnotic techniques to bring about easier, more comfortable labor and birthing


  • How to eliminate fear and replace it with confidence and understanding
  • The source of the myth that pain is a necessary accompaniment in normal birthing
  • How to teach the birthing companion hypnotic rapport
  • Specific techniques of hypnotic anesthesia
  • The three stages of labor and relaxation skills for each
  • Prenatal, perinatal, and postnatal bonding techniques
  • and much more

Course Content

Segment I. Introduction to Hypnosis for Birthing

  • Applications of hypnosis
  • Attitudes about hypnosis
  • Basics of brainwave activity
  • Laws of the mind
  • Rationale for hypnosis in birthing
  • Understanding clients' learning styles
  • Direct and permissive hypnosis approaches
  • Dangers of unqualified therapy
  • Steps to achieve hypnosis
  • Mind/Body associations and applications
  • Judging trance depth
  • Guidelines for achieving change
  • Eye fixation/closure
  • Elman · Ericksonian · Shanti leads
  • Eyelift conversion lead
  • Deepening techniques
  • Posthypnotic suggestions
  • Awakening and alerting

Alternative Segment I. Birth Basics

  • The Beautiful Female Birthing Body
  • Anatomy of The Female Reproductive System
            Internal & External Structures
  • Conception and Early fetal development
  • Characteristics of The uterus:
    Fundus, Body, Cervix
  • The Baby’s Support System:
    Amniotic Sac, Placenta, Umbilical Cord
  • Three Trimesters of Pregnancy
  • Physical Changes during Pregnancy
  • Fetal Positioning during Pregnancy
  • Turning Breech Presented Babies.
  • Labor Signals:
    Normal, Unanticipated
  • Characteristics of Managed Labor
  • Characteristics of HypnoBirthing Labor
  • Onset of Labor:
    Spontaneous, Induction techniques
  • Fetal Positioning during Birth
  • Labor Stages As Defined in Typical Birthing
  • Labor Phases as Defined in HypnoBirthing
  • Mother Directed Birthing  

Segment II. Practitioner Certification

  • Philosophy and Beginnings of HypnoBirthing®
  • How the uterus works in birthing
  • What's wrong with labor
  • How fear affects labor
  • The origin of fear and pain in labor
  • Prenatal bonding and fetology
  • Preparing the mind for birth
  • Hypnosis deepening and visualization
  • Releasing fear
  • Preparing the body for birthing
  • Building a partnership with care providers
  • Turning breech-presented babies
  • Looking at the "due date"
  • Avoiding artificial induction
  • Preparing the birth plan
  • How the body prepares for birth
  • Preparing medical care providers
  • The onset of labor
  • Perinatal bonding
  • Breathing through labor
  • Breathing with birth
  • Bonding with the baby

Don't be fooled by imitation!!
There are several persons offering programs that attempt to replicate HypnoBirthing®. Only the HypnoBirthing® InstituteSM certifies HypnoBirthing® Practitioners. Please be aware that the courses listed here are the only authentic Practitioner Certification Workshops in HypnoBirthing®. Only the HypnoBirthing® InstituteSM holds the federally registered, trademarked name and all copyrights to the material of HypnoBirthing®.

About your Instructor

Jessica Porter has been teaching HypnoBirthing® to pregnant couples for 9 years and training practitioners since 2001. Originally taught by Marie Mongan, she stays in close, regular contact with HypnoBirthing®'s founder. In 2004, Jessica was awarded the Director's Award from the HypnoBirthing® Institute for her continuing contribution to HypnoBirthing®. In 2003, Jessica created and recorded the Institute's very popular HypnoParenting CD and is currently developing one on Pre-Parenting. Jessica has brought much-needed HypnoBirthing® to South Africa, which has the highest C-section rate in the world. She is a regular presenter at the annual HypnoBirthing® Conclave and as a member of the faculty, consistently receives outstanding evaluations for her teaching.

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