Hipchick's Guide to MacrobioticsHipchick's Guide to Macrobiotics

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What is Hypnosis?

First of all, it's not being forced to cluck like a chicken—let's get that straight. You will only cluck like a chicken if you really, really want to cluck like a chicken. And in that case, more power to ya.

Hypnosis is the technique by which one enters the subconscious mind (which begs the question: "what the heck is the subconscious mind?" See below). Hypnosis is usually achieved through deep relaxation—but not always. You can enter a state of hypnosis through surprise, shock, or intent focus on an object. You go in and out of hypnosis every day; getting involved in a movie or book, spacing out when you're driving, and daydreaming are all forms of hypnosis. Hypnosis for therapeutic purposes is simply more sustained and accesses deeper parts of the subconscious mind.

What the heck is the subconscious mind?

Good question. I refer to the subconscious mind as the "engine room" of our selves. It is home to all our deepest desires, emotions, habits and memories. It has also been programmed in many ways; it knows how to speak, drive, walk and tie our shoes—all habits that are really great. But we may also have some habits that aren't so positive. Or limiting belief systems. It is only by getting into the "engine room" that any deep programming can change. By using hypnosis, we have access to all the ideas, experiences and beliefs that run us. Once you have access to your own "engine room", you are the captain of your own life! By the way, long-term practice of macrobiotics will make your subconscious mind much more available to you. Macrobiotic eating—by loosening up physical and emotional sludge—exposes much of this programming and make it ten thousand times easier to change.

Hypnosis for Releasing Childbirth Trauma (HRCT)

Do you have an emotional hangover from the birth of your child? Even though your baby is perfectly healthy?

Do you feel conflicted? Angry at your body? Secretly disappointed in your caregiver? Do you sometimes replay the birth in your mind, wondering how it could have gone differently?

I can help. I have taught HypnoBirthing® to hundreds of couples, attended myriad births, and trained dozens of practitioners, worldwide. During my practice, I came to see there was a real need in some women to release the emotional residue from their previous birthing experiences, so I created this technique.

Read more about Hypnosis for Releasing Childbirth Trauma (HRCT)

What is HypnoBirthing?

Designed by Marie Mongan, the HypnoBirthing® program is based upon the idea that a natural, comfortable birthing can be realized through deep relaxation and freedom from fear. Expectant couples take HypnoBirthing® classes with certified practitioners and learn how to achieve profound relaxation together. They also learn specific techniques for all aspects of birthing—from contractions to speaking to medical professionals in way that produces the best environment for birthing. HypnoBirthing® is becoming very popular among couples and the caregivers because the results are so great—fearless pregnancy, fearless birthing and really mellow babies.

How can hypnosis help me to practice macrobiotics?

Well, there are two types of hypnosis for change: Direct suggestion and hypnotherapy. Direct suggestion is simply saying stuff to the subconscious mind—giving it commands to follow, like "I chew my rice 50 times" or "I feel calm and relaxed". This type of hypnosis can be extremely helpful for people who need to relax, slow down and make better choices in their eating. Hypnotherapy involves going into your past and actually undoing blocks, or changing stuff around. For example, you may find, by going into hypnosis, that you carry a lot of tension around inside of you about a certain person from your past. Although the person is no longer a part of your life, you still carry the tension inside of you. Through hypnotherapy, your body can actually release all the negative energy it's been holding onto. There is nothing that cannot be cleaned up. Sometimes people need to use a little hypnotherapy in order to get their lives moving forward in a healthy way. Check out the practitioners in your area (under "Hypnotherapists" or "Hypnotists" in the Yellow Pages) if you're curious. I recommend hypnotists who are members of the National Guild of Hypnotists.

Will I remember the trance?

I don't like the word trance. Nor do I like the term "going under." Most hypnotists don't use them anymore because they evoke images of zombies and people are being brainwashed, remembering nothing of the hypnosis. These are myths. You will remember everything that happens in a hypnosis session—in fact you are more aware and more in control when in hypnosis than when you're not! In hypnosis, your brain waves slow down and you actually record and process things better. Just think of it this way—when you study for an exam and you're all freaked out and stressed, nothing really gets in, at least not permanently. But when you are calm, focused and unafraid, the information imprints itself beautifully.